About Us

About Us

Our passion is seeing your businesses grow.

First Consultancy, formerly Go Advice was established in 2010 to help small businesses launch, develop and grow themselves into successful and profitable businesses.

First Consultancy follows in the successful steps of the online businesses we have launched and operated within our group.  We know from our own experience the challenges that small businesses face, not only in developing their concept, but taking that from concept to market.

First Consultancy brings all the knowledge and expertise gained since 2000 under one roof and it’s the business closest to the heart of our CEO, Richard Smith.  Richard has had a successful career at senior levels in some of the largest and most well respected Global Financial Services companies including Citigroup (Finance Senior Vice President) and American Express Financial Services Europe (Finance Director, Business Head & Deputy CEO).

Richard took his first steps into developing a new business when he left the challenges, but comforts of a senior role at Citigroup to join an online start-up, Sharepeople.  A business that grew and was successfully sold to American Express for £29.6 million.  Richard learnt during this period what it takes to launch a successful business and he has been leveraging these skills not only in his own businesses, but also in partnerships he has formed with new start-ups and small businesses.